Biomedical Equipment Repair in Fountain Inn, SC

At MedRepair RX, LLC, we intend to offer complete biomedical equipment repair and not just be a temporary fix so that your machines last longer. When you count on us for medical repair services in South Carolina, you help ensure the safety of your patients. Our highest priority is making sure your equipment is working safely, properly and able to help you do your job. Here’s a closer look at some of the equipment we repair:

Biomedical Equipment Repair

  • Transmitters:
    We know how important transmitting patient data to the central monitoring station is, and we know how to keep those transmitters up and running. We provide peace of mind with our no-dropout guarantee on all transmitters. We perform board-level transmitter repairs on offerings from Philips and can repair a variety of complex problems.
  • Gas modules:
    Correctly monitoring a patient’s gases is an important part of our job. From occlusions to incorrect gas values, we can repair your gas analyzers to OEM specs. As a courtesy, we calibrate all gas analyzers we repair.
  • Lighting:
    Every medical office has lighting, from endoscopic to overhead, and our lighting can mean life or death. We have the ability to repair these devices so they stay on when you need them, every time.
  • Medical printers:
    Medical imaging is an important part of the diagnostic process. The image must be accurate, visible and consistent. We can repair numerous issues with medical printers.
  • Displays:
    Medical displays are a necessity in today’s market. Don’t struggle to see the screen any more—we can fix that. From bad inverters to blown-out backlights, we can return your display to working order.
  • Fetal heart monitors:
    Accurately measuring the baby’s heart rate and the mother’s contractions are a must during the delivery process. With our fetal monitor repair service, you can rest assured that these vital tools will work when you need them.

Medical Equipment and Patient Monitor Repairs

As a provider of quality patient monitor repair in Fountain Inn, Greenville County, and Laurens County, SC, MedRepair Rx, LLC is highly familiar with the products manufactured by the top brands in our industry, including the following:

  • MedRepair Rx, LLC is proud to be an established and dependable source for medical equipment repairs in South Carolina and throughout the U.S. To learn more about us and begin taking advantage of our services, call 864-757-8799 today. We look forward to serving you!Contact Us


We offer a 90-day warranty on the complete device repaired. We also offer a 1-year warranty on the part repaired with the exception of gas analyzers which have a 90-day warranty.